On to the Bigger and Better

I’ll just try and make this quick. What a crazy week it has been. I went from getting let go from my job of 5 years to hitting some lows and wondering how I will pay the bills to getting back into an ad agency I used to work at. It’s crazy how much I hated my old job. I felt so trapped and absolutely dreaded going to work every day. The craziest thing is I didn’t realize it until I was out of there.

With the end of the summer ends a chapter in my career as a designer. A new chapter begins in a familiar place with friendly faces. I have to say it feels amazing going back to a job and hearing that people are excited I’m returning. My weekend couldn’t have started on a better note. So with this, I say farewell to the old as I prepare to embrace the familiar, yet new!



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Remember? … Action Park (There’s nothing in the world like)


Any kid growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s in New Jersey ( ME! ) remembers Action Park. If you were lucky (or unlucky) enough, then you’ve even gone there. For me, it was after days/weeks of convincing that my mom finally agreed to take me and my best friend at the time, Chris, on the hour long drive on the mostly wooded highway, Route 23, to Action Park!

At the time, if you haven’t gone there, you only heard stories of how awesome this place was, and of how dangerous this place was and the injuries that happened to people who dared to experience the park. If you did get to go, you had your own tales to tell. My mom, friend and I went on to have a fun and safe day. (sorry for the build-up) No injuries, just some exciting memories that have mostly faded over the years. We survived the Alpine Slide, and we dared not to go on the Cannonball Loop (seen below).


I actually completely forgot about this place but this morning, while looking for carnivals or fairs to take my two year old son to this summer, I found this article called, “Remembering Action Park”, and it all came back to me. If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane and recalling the adventurous days of your childhood, give this article a look. I’m sure it will bring up some interesting memories. Seems like someone always has a crazy memory to share of their visit to Action Park. (maybe not me, but most people do) I suppose that’s why their tag line was, “There’s nothing in the world like Action Park”. 

Have any good stories of your own from a trip there? Please share, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy, safe summer to all!

Here again is the link to the article in case you want to read it.
Remembering Action Park

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Asbury Park Convention Hall Entrance

Asbury Park Convention Hall Entrance

It’s July 12th already and i have barely taken advantage of the summer. Well here’s a photo of the convention hall in Asbury Park, NJ. An historic beach destination about an hour south of me on the NJ Parkway. Haven’t been there in a while and this photo reminds me of the day i spent there about four years ago. Think i need to schedule a few days off SOON, and get out of the office, ASAP.

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Punching out with the Founding Fathers

Great read if you’re in a lazy summer, indulge in spirits, while feeling slight patriotism, type of mood.


Punching out with the Founding Fathers.

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Uploading while Downloading?

In the age of smart phones, multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. Ever wonder how many blogs have been written, tweeted, etc., from the toilet? Didn’t think so. Well, maybe now you are. Answer the survey and see where the world really blogs from.

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Let’s not be scared to evolve

Today at work, I heard that our client was having an issue with how the design of one of the products has changed slightly. I thought in my head and wished they were around because I wanted to tell them, “Let’s not be scared to evolve”. Sometimes it’s so easy to stay the course and keep doing things for no other reason than because “it’s how it always was done”. Why not try a fresh approach? This change makes the product better actually. So how did it end? The convo with the client is to be continued but their aesthetic choices in the past don’t give me much hope for the current argument. Let’s not be scared to evolve…

Later that day, I recalled that statement and thought, what inspiring words to live by… Well I can’t say I evolved today, but it is a process. And evolution takes time whether personal, professional, or whatever. I did come up with this little layout to make a visual for this philosophy. Well here’s to evolution (for the better). Cheers!


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What the heck is Wierzo’s World?

This will be an ever evolving beast of a blog. It will include my designs, illustrations, photography, jokes or things I find funny. Basically an art/design blog with some comedy and weirdness mixed in. Things that get my inspired, pissed off and all in between. Hope you enjoy.


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